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Deakin College Jakarta
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Muhammad Farhan SyahputraMuhammad Farhan Syahputra

05:50 21 Jun 23
Deakin College is an ideal place to study and earn a diploma degree before transitioning to university. While studying there for my IT diploma i have been provided and learned many things, the lecturers are very kind when teaching us. It's a great opportunity to prepare for future success.

Jennifer LiongJennifer Liong

04:13 15 Jun 23
Deakin College is the best place for pursuing your studies. I had an amazing experience studying here with some of the best teachers and studying environment that helped me to become confident in shaping my knowledge and skills. The staff was incredibly helpful when I had enquiries. In terms of location in Central Jakarta, it is very strategic. Deakin College also offers a fast-track option that allows everyone to enter university as soon as possible with your preferable pathway program.


09:03 01 Jun 23
Deakin College is the ideal choice for me since everyone there, including the faculty and administration, is pleasant. If you have a difficulty with any subject, the teacher will be happy to assist you. It had excellent educational value and I learned a lot at Deakin College, where I also gained knowledge. The most ideal college that I can recommend is Deakin College.

Ruth NovitaRuth Novita

02:14 19 Apr 23
Very good quality of study. An option to start your degree for your first year in Indonesia and graduate in Australia.

Imam SantosoImam Santoso

02:06 19 Apr 23
Deakin College Jakarta provides a solution for students who want to study overseas, but want to spend the first few semesters in Jakarta. It helps students to get friends, and train the maturity, while preparing the big jump in another country.The study environment is very supportive, the teachers know and care the student very well.Finishing the Diploma degree in Deakin College Jakarta, the student would be able to jump to 2nd year in Deakin University, Melbourne. Which it saves a lot of money, and parents have longer opportunity to stay closer with the student.

wenda ajawenda aja

01:06 19 Apr 23
DCJ is a wonderful choice where you start your education journey in Jakarta and finish in Australia!The campus located in strategic location with nice ambience.. 👍

SpecTa EducationSpecTa Education

07:47 18 Apr 23
More than 15 years we have been enrolling students to Deakin College Jakarta and all of our students successfully proceed to Australia with great results. Thank you DCJ for years of excellence in delivering good quality of education.

aecc Indonesiaaecc Indonesia

07:50 13 Apr 23
The programs offered were well-structured and adequately prepared me for further studies in Australia. The teachers were knowledgeable and approachable, and the campus facilities were modern and conducive to learning.

Phoebe LeonyPhoebe Leony

12:09 30 Mar 23
An enjoyable place to learn and enhance skills with the help of excellent staff. With assured entry to Deakin University in Australia after finishing the diploma program too.

jocelyn askimjocelyn askim

04:57 29 Mar 23
Deakin college is a great college for me. All of the teachers, staffs and friends are friendly and i feel that i opened to myself more. This college is the right one for me!! As a matter of fact, i don't regret coming here to learn!

Renalda HermawanRenalda Hermawan

07:17 21 Mar 23
Best way to prepare your college or university pathway in australia

Ibrena BarusIbrena Barus

11:53 19 Aug 21
A nice place to learn and get used to foreign/ English classes and style of University, especially for students like me who had never attended an International school. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful and the lectures is so caring and ready to help us with all of our problems! They are so kind I thought of them as my friends and not a lecturer haha. The classmates are all very friendly too!

Ghassany HasyatiGhassany Hasyati

01:51 18 Aug 21
For high school students, you can start your degree here and get on the fast-track to the 2nd year at Deakin University, Australia.

Robby budmanRobby budman

04:10 16 Aug 21
Great University College with Foundation Year and Diploma/First year courses. 100% in English, very helpful lecturers. Guaranteed entry to Deakin University, Australia! And I didn't need IELTS after I finished at Deakin College!!


14:33 13 Aug 21
Great place to prepare before you enter university and to get your diploma. Not that expensive too considering it is a pathway to Deakin Australia.

A great place to take diploma before you started university life with great lecturers that taught from basic


04:56 21 Feb 21
A Great Place to take Foundation or Diploma Course, Official Pathway to Deakin University Australia or other University in Australia. There's Computer Lab, Games Room, Canteen, Lecture Room, Class Room and Library. Located in a really strategic location just 5 min away from nearest busway stop and 15 min drive from Central Park Mall


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